Serving Professional, Commercial and Residential De-Icing Needs of the Twin Cities area and the Entire Upper Midwest Region with our Newly Formulated Custom De-Icing Blends in Bags, Buckets or Bulk.
Melt-Mor Products Application Tips
1. Shovel or snow blow all walkways and driveways to remove as much snow and
ice as possible.
Melt Mor de-icing snow and ice melting products melt snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.
2. Fill the hopper of a granular fertilizer
spreader with Melt-Mor De-Icer and open
the feed rate setting to fully open.
3. Walk at a medium pace (approximately
3-1/2 miles per hour) while spreading
Melt-Mor De-Icer over concrete driveways
and sidewalk surfaces.

This pace will provide adequate ice melt coverage (an ideal spread rate is 1/4-1/2
cup of Melt-Mor De-Icer per square yard).
Meltmor de-icers can be applied by hand spreaders, push spreaders or motorized spreaders for any size application.
4. Remove slush and melted ice from the concrete surface after the Melt-Mor De-Icer
has had time to work so there is no chance
for the slush and ice to refreeze.
Melt-Mor ice melt products melt ice off sidewalks and driveways.
5. Re-apply more Melt-Mor De-Icer as
needed to decrease the chance of more
ice forming on treated surfaces.