Serving Professional, Commercial and Residential De-Icing Needs of the Twin Cities area and the Entire Upper Midwest Region with our Newly Formulated Custom De-Icing Blends in Bags, Buckets or Bulk.
Fast Ice Melting Action Custom deicers for retail, resale and wholesale distribution that can melt ice down to 15 degrees below zero by Fertimix in Jordan, MN
Our Custom Blended Ice Melting Formulas melt ice down to -15°F.
All of our Environmentally Friendly,
Professionally Formulated Melt-Mor
de-icing products are...
Safe on Driveways and Sidewalks
Safe for Children and Pets
Safe for area Vegetation
Locally Blended and Packaged
Available in Varied Containers
Sold in Small Quantity for Retail
Sold in Large Quantity Wholesale
Available for Regional Delivery

Our pre-packaged Melt-Mor snow and ice melt products are available by the piece or by the pallet for all of your de-icing needs. For the larger, professional snow removal companies, property management people, municipalities, resellers and other bulk users, we also provide custom blended de-icing products produced and packaged to fit your needs.

As an agile production facility we can custom blend ice melting formulas, per your specifications, using any combination of the following materials:
Melt-Mor is blended and packaged by Fertimix in Jordan, MN. Calcium Chloride • Magnesium Chloride

• Sodium Chloride  • Potassium Chloride

• Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) or

• Varied Organic Based Tracer Dyes

Melt-Mor de-icers are a product of Fertimix. For local residents and all local area service
providers our products are available for retail sales at our production facility in Jordan, MN. Visit our Contact page for our location and hours.

All products and individual ingredients are available for bulk delivery for qualified recipients. See our Products page for more details.